Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Work Space

I'm going to be honest... I'm addicted to workspaces. Yes, I'm talking about desks, countertops, walls, really any space that can be defined as a work environment. I can think of so many rational reasons to start a new work space... the primary reason being the start of a new semester. With that rapidly approaching, I need something that will be inviting, and make me want to do school work again. How about a new desk... and storage options, and easy access to all of my school necessities. I'm nearly out of breath. Two work spaces are ideal. One paralleling the next, so that I can spin around and change the homework subject quickly.

This summer I have seen so many interesting and unique work areas. I picked up a copy of PotteryBarn "Workspaces" earlier this summer. The images grace my eyes and inspire me to use the strangest and most unique objects in my new workspace. The simplicity of soothing colors mixed with the crispest whites attracts me to each and every space. Organization a-plenty... I adore it!

My last online visit to Ikea has inspired me to purchase two wood countertops, one fifteen inches deep and one twenty five inches deep, both to be used as primary workspaces. The fifteen inch deep countertop will be mounted to the wall and will sit atop two white bath cabinets purchased from Target, while the twenty five inch deep countertop will be mounted on adjustable legs and will sit parallel to the wall. Its funny how you get this amazing idea in your mind... I can't stop thinking about this until I go purchase everything I need. On that note, I'm off to shop online. I'll keep you updated.

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