Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Mean Seriously...

Could this little guy get any cuter? He's Max from "Where the Wild Things Are." Props to the Mom who put this costume together! She did a great job. Aren't you inspired to make a creative Halloween costume?

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Citrus-y Goodness

I got an email about Crabtree and Evelyn's new scent this weekend. Citron, Honey and Coriander sounds scrumptious, and the perfect accessory to any kitchen sink. Lemon-y scents always have a home in my kitchen. They seem to really get the cooking smells off my hands. Has anyone had a chance to try some yet? I'd love to know how zesty it smells.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Autumnal Pillows

I made these dog silhouette pillows over the past two weekends. The autumnal look of the plaid is really what drove the inspiration. I thought the dogs were so happy and the contrast between corduroy and plaid/houndstooth print fabric was fun as well. We already have a favorite here... can you guess? Its the beagle. The dachshund (pronounced "dash-hound" in my family) comes in a close second.

Depending on how the work week goes, I'm hoping to put some on my Etsy site in the next few days. These would be great gifts for the dog lovers in your life! In the meantime, let me know if you'd like more info.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cute Buffet

I found this on Craigslist last night. I think the lacquered red is really cute and gives a bit of an Asian influence to this piece. I'd love something like this along my empty wall in my living room. It would be perfect storage for my project supplies. A set of prints over this, plus a pair of tall lamps would really create a perfect setup for an empty wall in your home.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Party Planning?

Planning a party anytime soon? Check out The Party Dress. Its a website full of cute party ideas! Totally scrumptious ideas that are perfect for the girly girl in you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Artist: Tracy Glover

Today I opened the mailbox to find Hospitality Design magazine waiting there for me. Before I even got back inside, I was already flipping through the newest issue. Trade magazines are usually pretty interesting because they highlight artists, designers, materials, vendors, etc and provide more technical information that you wouldn't normally read {articles on hardware, fixtures, etc} about in Domino, Southern Living, etc. Note: I'm not suggesting that you go subscribe to a bunch of trade magazines... they're not always that interesting {and frankly many decorating/design magazines have way better photos}.

At some point during my lunch break, the magazine fell right open to a page featuring artist Tracy Glover. Tracy, a RISD graduate, uses Venetian techniques to create contemporary glass home accessories. Her work is incredible! I don't know too much about glass blowing, but from what I understand, its not easy {and if you breath while you're supposed to be blowing the glass, can't you die from the heat???... this might be an urban legend, but I think this thought will pretty much permanantly keep me away from ever picking glass blowing up as a hobby}. To think that someone could make glass that is so intricately designed just amazes me.

After looking through her website, I have determined that it would be nearly impossible for me to decide on a favorite piece. Tracy's ceiling mount light fixture is high up on my list though. I would love to have one of her lamps on my bedside table. I imagine it would cast a warm glow with small hints of color running through the light. And a pair of sconces flanking my bathroom mirror? Lovely lovely lovely! In conclusion, I could design many a room around her lighting and accessory pieces.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Glass Bead Magnets

This is not a new idea. I know. But they're really cute and no matter how many times I do this little project, I'm always amazed at how different the magnets turn out. Endless fun, and its easy enough to do while watching tv. These seem to have that John Derian look, don't they? I used Caspari wrapping paper. What a fun excuse to browse through that store!

{The photos above were some of my last before my camera died. Its a bit fuzzy and the camera refused to focus. I should have taken the hint then... my camera has gone to glory}

Farewell camera

My digital camera is officially broken. Like not working at all. Good. as. Gone. The screen shows a white light. It wasn't saving all of my recent photos to the memory card, but I thought maybe my memory card was dying. Easy fix, right? Wrong. Now the white light is all that is on the screen and I'm convinced that its really the camera. I already paid $100 for it to be repaired once (2006), and I don't think I have it in me to pay that much or more again... especially for something that is so technologically outdated. Yes, it was prehistoric (ie circa 2005), and yes, I was hoping to get a new one, but this wasn't supposed to happen right now. In my grand plan, my camera was going to last another year or so. Long enough that I would have time to use it for everyday photography. I'm really not trying to complain, its just a big fat bummer!

And of course this happens when I have tons to photograph and show you all! I made pillows. And they're adorable! Little puppy dog silhouettes made of plaid and houndstooth on uncut corduroy of various colors. And my Caspari wrapping paper magnets that I made were cute too and very John Derian. (Actually, I do have a few pixelated photos of the magnets. I'll post them!) Oh, and I made ghosts in the graveyard for dessert last night. I would have loved to show you that photo too. I didn't bring my camera to the apple orchard on Saturday. If I had, I would be able to show you the huge bag of fuji and jonagold apples I picked. You've missed a lot, and I've missed showing you all this creativity.

For now, you must use your imagination. I'll try and solve this little problemo. Oh, and I do realize that this is not a real crisis. There are far bigger problems in this world. I know.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Flower Farmhouse

Garden Urns
Large $18, Small $9

I'm such a computer head! Just one more post for you readers tonight. You people must think I'm some crazy consumer... this is partially true... I do like to spend some money on cool stuff. I mean really though, who doesn't??? Bills suck. Wouldn't you rather have tons of fun spending money to buy everything you ever dreamed of? Thanks to the internet barrier ( i.e. I'm impatient and hate to pay for shipping... basically means I don't order much online) and my budget, I find a lot of cool items that go unpurchased. That being said, I still feel like they need their proper reveal online, so I'll share them with you readers! Without further adieu... behold White Flower Farmhouse. Vintage-y goodness that's all cleaned up and affordable! Yippee. Enjoy these finds. :)

$32 (large), $26 (small)

Note: I really do have more to do with my life than shop online (work, gym, cook, hang out with friends and family, etc). I am just amazed at how many cool things people make and find, and I have to share these with you! One day soon I'll post some homemade stuff.

Jewelry Inspiration

I just found Stella & Dot jewelry through Isabella and Max Rooms . Their jewelry is bright, cheerful, and full of personality (that screams L.Alden!). Many of their pieces remind me of the jewelry in recent J.Crew catalogs... but more budget friendly! Yippee.

Okay, so even though the prices are lower, they're still a little pricey right now for moi. I guess I'll have to make something similar myself for the time being. Sounds like a trip to Bangles and Beads soon for more jewels. Yet more inspiration for an easy and enjoyable weekend project!

PS - Remember NieNieDialogues story and blog? Read this article written about Stephanie and family Oprah's website. What an inspiration Stephanie is!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Art

In honor of the upcoming spoooooky holiday, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Autumnal prints from contemporary folk artist, Nancy Thomas. She has set her roots in Yorktown, Virginia and has galleries both in Yorktown and Williamsburg. Some of Nancy's most favorite motifs are Santa, Angels, and Chefs. Our family favorites are the Seasons and the Chefs. Many of her prints have metal "accessories" incorporated in their frames. As you can see above and below, the metal bat, pumpkin, and garlic clove (I think thats what it is???) are cute additions to the prints.

Be sure to visit Nancy's website for more art (she paints more than just Halloween inspired work!!!), monthly specials and to learn a little more about her. Oh, and she has a blog! Happy October!

Note: Love her work? Be sure to stop by the studios in Yorktown and Williamsburg for her annual Holiday Show. This year the show is set for December 5th and 6th!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lilly Eyewear

I think I go through Lilly "phases." One day I love her clothing and accessories, the next day its a bit too girly-girl for me. Today, I love it. The company now has a line of eyeglasses and sunglasses that are super cute! Take a look and be sure to view the catalog.

Lonny and The Digital Magazine

I feel repetitive for writing a post about this, but yes, I like the new Lonny Magazine too. Its nice to have a new shelter magazine in the mix, especially in this time of shelter-mag-shutdown. I really wish it was in print though. Call me traditional or old fashioned, but I miss the tactile approach of turning pages. I have such a hard time reading magazines, newspapers, and documents on the computer. And being able to earmark or flag pages with different fingers as I read is also is helpful. Not being able to do that just kind of stresses me out (crazy... I know!).

We just had this conversation at work, regarding one of our vendors who has gone completely "digital." Yes, its best for the environment (and it definitely saves the vendor some serious money too), allows for faster updates of pricing, materials, etc, but I can't stand having to review price lists on the computer. And whats a girl to do when the internet is down? Yeah... it happens. Oh, and how in the heck am I supposed to build a brochure for a customer while they wait? Can I just have some paper documents to show them??? Anyways, just some thoughts on this new digital format that is appearing here, there, and everywhere.

Overall though, I'm beyond thrilled to have a replacement for ye olde favorite, Domino Magazine. Thanks Michelle and Patrick! Now if someone would just bring back the look and feel of Cottage Living. I'll settle with that one in digital form as well.