Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewell camera

My digital camera is officially broken. Like not working at all. Good. as. Gone. The screen shows a white light. It wasn't saving all of my recent photos to the memory card, but I thought maybe my memory card was dying. Easy fix, right? Wrong. Now the white light is all that is on the screen and I'm convinced that its really the camera. I already paid $100 for it to be repaired once (2006), and I don't think I have it in me to pay that much or more again... especially for something that is so technologically outdated. Yes, it was prehistoric (ie circa 2005), and yes, I was hoping to get a new one, but this wasn't supposed to happen right now. In my grand plan, my camera was going to last another year or so. Long enough that I would have time to use it for everyday photography. I'm really not trying to complain, its just a big fat bummer!

And of course this happens when I have tons to photograph and show you all! I made pillows. And they're adorable! Little puppy dog silhouettes made of plaid and houndstooth on uncut corduroy of various colors. And my Caspari wrapping paper magnets that I made were cute too and very John Derian. (Actually, I do have a few pixelated photos of the magnets. I'll post them!) Oh, and I made ghosts in the graveyard for dessert last night. I would have loved to show you that photo too. I didn't bring my camera to the apple orchard on Saturday. If I had, I would be able to show you the huge bag of fuji and jonagold apples I picked. You've missed a lot, and I've missed showing you all this creativity.

For now, you must use your imagination. I'll try and solve this little problemo. Oh, and I do realize that this is not a real crisis. There are far bigger problems in this world. I know.

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