Thursday, October 1, 2009

Autumn is Here

Its Thursday evening and I'm ready for the weekend. I spent some time this evening relaxing and catching up on blogs, plus some brainstorming. I made a mental checklist of the things I want to do this weekend. The weather should be nice, so I'm hoping to go to the downtown farmer's market on Saturday morning, and a country drive later in the day.

I also need to go pick some apples at Carter's Mountain so I can make applesauce (my Mom's applesauce mill has been sitting unused on my kitchen countertop too long!), but I don't want to have to battle the weekend apple picking crowds. Too many people for me! I might go early or right before they close.

I picked up some molasses chew cookies made by Mission Home Bakeshop today when I was at the grocery. They were the perfect addition to my chicken salad sandwich lunch. The cookies were definitely were an impulse buy thanks to the crisp cool weather we've been so lucky to have. Go pick some up and celebrate Autumn. Its here!

I'm hoping to do a little cooking this weekend as well. Last weekend I made Barefoot Contessa's Lentil Sausage Soup. Delicious. I give the recipe 5 stars! Go make it yourself if you want a great afternoon activity that will leave your home smelling scrumptious all day! This weekend I'm looking forward to trying L'Etoile's Pumpkin Soup recipe that they sampled at the Farmer's Market last weekend. Served with some crusty bread, a fresh salad, and a glass of wine... perfect Saturday evening dinner.

While Fall is fresh on the mind, be sure to take a look at this lovely guest bedroom from The Newlywed Diaries. The colors are beautiful and the simplicity of the space is just what a guest is looking for. Someplace to feel welcome and cozy, but without the clutter of their own home. Wouldn't you love to be a guest in their guestroom?

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