Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lonny and The Digital Magazine

I feel repetitive for writing a post about this, but yes, I like the new Lonny Magazine too. Its nice to have a new shelter magazine in the mix, especially in this time of shelter-mag-shutdown. I really wish it was in print though. Call me traditional or old fashioned, but I miss the tactile approach of turning pages. I have such a hard time reading magazines, newspapers, and documents on the computer. And being able to earmark or flag pages with different fingers as I read is also is helpful. Not being able to do that just kind of stresses me out (crazy... I know!).

We just had this conversation at work, regarding one of our vendors who has gone completely "digital." Yes, its best for the environment (and it definitely saves the vendor some serious money too), allows for faster updates of pricing, materials, etc, but I can't stand having to review price lists on the computer. And whats a girl to do when the internet is down? Yeah... it happens. Oh, and how in the heck am I supposed to build a brochure for a customer while they wait? Can I just have some paper documents to show them??? Anyways, just some thoughts on this new digital format that is appearing here, there, and everywhere.

Overall though, I'm beyond thrilled to have a replacement for ye olde favorite, Domino Magazine. Thanks Michelle and Patrick! Now if someone would just bring back the look and feel of Cottage Living. I'll settle with that one in digital form as well.

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Eddie and Rachael said...

I agree. Love the new online mag but really love turning those pages!