Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Artist: Tracy Glover

Today I opened the mailbox to find Hospitality Design magazine waiting there for me. Before I even got back inside, I was already flipping through the newest issue. Trade magazines are usually pretty interesting because they highlight artists, designers, materials, vendors, etc and provide more technical information that you wouldn't normally read {articles on hardware, fixtures, etc} about in Domino, Southern Living, etc. Note: I'm not suggesting that you go subscribe to a bunch of trade magazines... they're not always that interesting {and frankly many decorating/design magazines have way better photos}.

At some point during my lunch break, the magazine fell right open to a page featuring artist Tracy Glover. Tracy, a RISD graduate, uses Venetian techniques to create contemporary glass home accessories. Her work is incredible! I don't know too much about glass blowing, but from what I understand, its not easy {and if you breath while you're supposed to be blowing the glass, can't you die from the heat???... this might be an urban legend, but I think this thought will pretty much permanantly keep me away from ever picking glass blowing up as a hobby}. To think that someone could make glass that is so intricately designed just amazes me.

After looking through her website, I have determined that it would be nearly impossible for me to decide on a favorite piece. Tracy's ceiling mount light fixture is high up on my list though. I would love to have one of her lamps on my bedside table. I imagine it would cast a warm glow with small hints of color running through the light. And a pair of sconces flanking my bathroom mirror? Lovely lovely lovely! In conclusion, I could design many a room around her lighting and accessory pieces.


Eddie and Rachael said...

Love the knobs! So cute

Tracy Glover said...

Hi L. Alden,
Thank you for the nice mention on your blog! Let me know if you'd like to receive a catalog and I'd be happy to send one.