Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Flower Farmhouse

Garden Urns
Large $18, Small $9

I'm such a computer head! Just one more post for you readers tonight. You people must think I'm some crazy consumer... this is partially true... I do like to spend some money on cool stuff. I mean really though, who doesn't??? Bills suck. Wouldn't you rather have tons of fun spending money to buy everything you ever dreamed of? Thanks to the internet barrier ( i.e. I'm impatient and hate to pay for shipping... basically means I don't order much online) and my budget, I find a lot of cool items that go unpurchased. That being said, I still feel like they need their proper reveal online, so I'll share them with you readers! Without further adieu... behold White Flower Farmhouse. Vintage-y goodness that's all cleaned up and affordable! Yippee. Enjoy these finds. :)

$32 (large), $26 (small)

Note: I really do have more to do with my life than shop online (work, gym, cook, hang out with friends and family, etc). I am just amazed at how many cool things people make and find, and I have to share these with you! One day soon I'll post some homemade stuff.

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