Tuesday, January 20, 2009


January always reminds me that with patience comes beauty. The rush of the holidays is over, and there is nothing more to do but wait for good things to come. Winter is in full swing here. Chills blow through town and bring rosy cheeks and noses. The dreary days of winter make me think of things to come. Valentines Day and Spring are among the long awaited; however the I must remind myself that simplicity of January allows for personal renewal. Just as Spring's bulbs must wait patiently though weeks of cold and darkness before they will bloom, let us rest for a month... good things are bound to come.

In the "wait" for spring, I've been relying on a few things to keep me cheerfully inspired:

Relaxing Music for January:
Kate Spade's Album
Lee Ann Womack - "Greatest Hits"
Alison Krauss & Robert Plant - "Raising Sand"
Feist - "Let it Die"

Orangette - also look for her new book coming this spring!
Paper Pony
Pure Style

I've also been doing a little indoor gardening. I planted paperwhites a few weeks ago and they're blooming! My amaryllis has not had the happiest life though. This week I planted a hyacinth in an apothecary jar - essentially creating a terrarium!

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