Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rainy Day Wear

I just checked the forcast for the next few days, and it looks like rain is coming. I love rainy days... no, I really do! I believe that they really help strengthen my creativity. And think of all the beautiful gardens that transform into mysterious spaces in rain and mist. Rainy days also give me another reason to check out some of my favorite fashionable foul weather gear wear online right now! See below for my choices. If I lived in foggy London (or Maine!), I'd own all of these by now.

I love it:

Confession: I bought this lightly waxed trench coat for my birthday. I picked it up at Old Navy when it was on sale, and am so glad I did. I haven't worn it yet because it has been too chilly, but I can't wait!

I need it:

This first bag is Orla Kiely's ETC bag. The fabric is coated in a vinyl or oilcloth, so its perfect for rainy days. Grab and Go style and very colorful! Definitely a consideration! Love it, but not sure if I want to commit to something that is so trendy. Or the price! Yikes!

Second in line (and I think I justified purchasing this as I wrote the review for the Orla Kiely bag), is Hable Construction's Espresso Bead No. 9 Tote. Its super cute and made of a durable canvas that will stand up to the wear and tear that I put totes through. Its not terribly big, but I think it could work for me! Plus the print is divine!

I've Got to Have It!

Hunter Boots! Oh la la! Classic Chic! I am certain, these are the rainboots for me though! Original green or bright pumpkin would be cute. I think I'd stick to the green though. Perfect for now and classic, so I could definitely wear through many future rain storms! A little british garden feel. Also ideal for gardening and quick trips to the farmers market. I must have them!

I think for now I'll just dream about these lovelies. I can't wait for tomorrow. Forecast: Rain!

PS - Rachael, I told you I'd post this week!


eddie and rachael said...

yay a post! I love love all these items. I've been holding back from buying the hunter boots in navy but can't decide if I want a more "fun" color. And you should get the purse... both of them!!

l.alden said...

Rachael, I'm definitely sticking to the Hunter Boots, but probably getting the Huntress style in green. I think the Huntress Green is a little moss-y-er (sp?), not as greeny green as the Original Hunter Boots. I could be mistaken though. I'm getting the Hable bag too, just have to decide which one first. Probably Hable first, since they are having a big promo right now, then the Hunter boots. Orla Kiely is going to have to wait, unless she has some rockin' deals going on soon!