Monday, March 14, 2011

Those Canadians have the best of the design world - Sarah Richardson, House and Home Magazine, and now Bobbette and Belle.  Bobbette and Belle is a Toronto based artisanal pastry shop that specializes in the most lovely macaroons and wedding cakes.  The interior decor is just as much a delicacy as the sweets they serve.  Don't you love the wall treatment above?  The application of vintage plates pops when placed against the crisp black walls.  And the white text is so crisp.  This could easily be translated to a residential space.  White wainscotting, chalkboard paint on the walls, hang plenty of collected vintage plates on the walls, and even a little food related text - perhaps in French?  Oui Oui!  I'm definitely saving these ideas for a future dining room.    

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