Sunday, August 9, 2009

Organization Delights!

I found these labels on Wedding Style Guide's website while looking for DIY wedding ideas a few months ago. I saved them as a PDF on my computer, and almost forgot about them until today. When I saved the labels on my computer, I thought they'd be great for wedding ideas and bits and pieces of fabric floating throughout my wedding binder.

I rediscovered the labels today and the first thing that came to mind was using them for all my design magazine tearouts. Often I forget what magazine they come from, or, when I'm looking through my binder weeks later, why I really pulled the magazine page out. Now I can write a little note on the page addressing my original interest, where image came from, and when I found it. This would be awsome for blogging ideas too. I bet there's a way to photoshop these on to digital images for my computer files full of photos.

I bought Avery adhesive Shipping Label printable paper (#8165) from Office Depot and printed these labels on it . The paper is nice and thick and prevents color from showing through. I will warn you, the Avery paper was a bit pricey. The label sheet has a lot of negative space, so I may have to rework them using InDesign, but the overall concept is great and EASY!


PS - Whether you're planning a wedding or just a backyard party, Wedding Style Guide's website has so many creatively chic ideas.

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Anonymous said...

hey there missy! i'm back on here :) i just saw your super cute label idea! very nice! I hope all is well, and i'd love to catch up soon.

miss you!! Hi Michael!

<3 Ash