Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Letterpress Lovers

Dear Budget Conscious Letterpress Lovers,

Please take a look at this, the L Product Line, from Lifestyle crafts. I found this link while searching for handmade letterpress techniques for wedding invites. I don't have access to letterpress machine, or the budget to have someone else make it for me, so I was looking for a good homemade letterpress technique. I've never seen any results from this machine (as it has not been released in stores yet) however I'm tempted to buy it and give it a try. Now I know its not "real" letterpress, but it kind of has that "look."

What do you all think? Is it worth purchasing and trying, or should I give up on my wish for letterpress invitations and save the dates?



8/30/09 Update: Here's another link I found for the L Product Line Letterpress kit. Its a video of the product being used at a trade exhibit. Pretty cool!


Nicole said...

This is so interesting, and I haven't seen or heard about it anywhere else yet! Definitely something to try out. Thank you for the great find, Elizabeth!

l.alden said...

Nicole, glad you think its interesting! I'm ready to order... they just need to start selling it in stores and online!

jess said...

Didn't know if you or your fiance would be interested in something like this, but my fiance is in the process of building one. The people that have done it seem to have good results. I, like you, am in the design field with expensive taste and a teeny budget.

Good luck whatever you decide and let me know how that machine goes if you purchase it!