Sunday, September 6, 2009

On My Bulletin Board

This tearsheet sits on my bulletin board and always brings a smile to my face. The page originally came from one of my old Kate Spade planners. Throughout the year, I tend to develop an attachment to one or two of the month's cover pages; at the end of the year, I tear the planner apart, saving all the good cover pages for my bulletin board. For 2006's planner, March's cover page brought an extra smile to my face. She looks quite happy and is dressed to the nines in the cutest outfit. The top she is wearing reminds me of Liberty prints, which I love! Those jonquils are sure to brighten up any desk. Oh, and I can only imagine that inside that Starbucks to-go cup is a skinny hazelnut latte. To me, its just a little extra inspiration at my desk.

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