Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Napkin Decorating

Budget decorating is a little different than the decorating I was doing at my internship in Richmond, VA. Oh how I miss unlimited funds to redesign bedrooms, bathrooms, and beach cottages. I was exposed to so many beautiful lines of textiles, home accessories, and other products. The knowledge of these products makes it tricky to be satisfied with Target's home decorating section. Even Pottery Barn seems like a let down (not that I have the budget for that stuff anyways!). I want, want, want Oly Studio, Aidan Gray, Designers Guild, O&L, Brunschwig & Fils, etc. Once I went to pick up a few things from Niermann Weeks at the Washington Design Center. I nearly fell head over heels, the place is loaded with the most fashionable design. Its like a shopping mall for Interior Designers. They say knowledge is power, but in this case, design product knowledge is enough to break the bank!

All of that is besides the point though. This recession/ reality check for me as a designer is making me become more savvy with my design and decorating choices for my home. I was at World Market on Monday and saw some beautiful table linens. I thought about how the textile would compliment our living room furniture choices. I picked up 2 cloth napkins from that line for the low low price of $3.oo each and have plans to make them into pillow covers. I need to rummage through my fabric scraps/ samples and find enough for the back of the pillows. That shouldn't be too hard. I made pillows like this in the Spring, but think that the space could use some Autumnal inspiration. So in the next week or so I should be assembling new pillow covers. I found directions here for all you sewing bloggers. I usually add a zipper and always use a down pillow insert (Ikea sells a good inexpensive one) to create a cleaner and more professional look for the pillows, but the envelope method on the above link will work as well. After all is said and done, both pillow covers will cost less than $20. I think its an affordable solution to custom pillows. I'll be sure to photograph the final results.

For now, you will have to settle with the temporary solution... its pretty cheesy, but atleast you get an idea of the print and colors. (I will just be covering the pillows covered with the green fabric; the purple pillow will stay). Does anyone have any affordable trim ideas in mind for these pillows? Also, I found a few from Crate and Barrel that could be accents on the sofa. Here they are:

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