Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday's Inspiring Art

What is it about Wednesday that gives me all the spirit in the world? Perhaps its the idea that the week is halfway through, giving way to a beautiful weekend ahead. Or possibly I've sat at my desk for two days contemplating what to creative things to do, and by this time in the week, I've come to realize that those hours of sitting and wondering are hours wasted. Time I cannot capture and use; thats a tragic thought. So its now officially time to get up and do! Here's some inspiring art for your Wednesday. It sure has given me some ideas!

All art by Olaf Hajek. Check out his website for a full portfolio of amazing work! Also, if you like the art, take a look at his book.

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Anonymous said...

I love these Lizzy! I just found out about this really cool thing (and i might be really late) but i think you'll appreciate it. so apparently there are places that have themed studio painting classes and you can bring your own wine & paint!! The ones in Alabama are called Sips n Strokes and and Bottle & Brush... that would be a fun way to meet new people up there & drag MW with you :) and get some fun paintings (as presents or decoration)