Monday, April 12, 2010

Cheap & Chic - Ikea meets Serena & Lily

Remember yesterday's post about the Serena & Lily Cabinet? If you loved it, but couldn't stomach spending $835 on a shelf, then read on! I have found a way to rework an Ikea shelving unit that is inspired by the Hayworth Shelf for about half the price. (Okay, I think I may have been inspired by Janell and her son's cool IKEA bedroom)

Consider sprucing up the Ikea Hemnes Storage Unit pictured below with a few cans of spray paint. I chose Maine Cottage's spray paint in Zinnia because I love the bright pop of color! Spruce up the glass with your favorite geometric pattern and a can of glass frost. Replace the hardware, and voila! You've just made yourself a storage unit inspired by Serena & Lily's Hayworth shelf. Click on the link to enlarge.

The Details:

The price was estimated using the following math:
Ikea Cabinet
: $350
Spray Paint (4 cans)*: $72
Stencil*: $25
Hardware (6 ring pulls): $5.70
Frosted Glass Spray: approx $5
Total: $457.70

* To further reduce the cost involved in this cabinet, use less expensive spray paint (try color matching at your hardware store) and create your own stencil!

Please note: The Hemnes Glass Door Cabinet with 4 Drawers is not currently available at my IKEA. Therefore, I have not had a chance to try this project. I've typed up these directions for reference. Let me know your thoughts and any experience you've had with these products!

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