Sunday, August 10, 2008

City Chic

So, I just took an interior style quiz on My Deco's website. I wasn't familiar with the website, but saw a link to it on The Inspired Room's blog. According to the quiz, my style is City Chic. Here's the description...

"The classic look ranges from the opulence of a Louis XV armchair to the simplicity of a Georgian dining table. Fortunately, you don't need original antiques to recreate the look in your own home, even on a budget. Classical influences served the Georgians well, and they still hold strong today. Elegant, sophisticated and - in your hands - supremely confident, classic interiors ooze style and luxury: an elaborate chandelier hangs above a simple but beautifully crafted oak dining table, perhaps, or crisp white linen is showcased within the 'theatre' of a four-poster bed."

I think that some of this is true, but I would disagree about the formalness of my style. I love classic lines, but I also appreciate casual cottage-y interiors that are calm and inviting. I think the best way to achieve that look is with classic furniture pieces (some new, some antique-y looking) and simple linens. I'd like to add art and accessories to my space that are full of color and unique in style.

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