Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pink and Orange Ikats

Its a snowy morning here in Boston.  Not too snowy, just enough snow to lightly cover the car tops and sidewalks.  Yesterday it was beyond cold here (and that's not just my southern opinion), it really was -5 degrees when I woke up.  That is far too cold!!!  Brrr!  

All this cold weather has me dreaming of warmer weather and warm cheerful shades of pink and orange ikat.  Below are a few of my new-found favorites.  

The perfect amount of pink and orange ikat to throw a successful soiree!


Tiffany from HOLIDAY said... that vintage wallpaper. And I was just looking at those Caspari party ware items the other day. So cute! xo

Haven and Home said...

Okay, this makes me feel a warmer already!